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Information On Coronavirus & Cassidy Eyecare

Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Order genuine Oakley prescription sunglasses from Cassidy Eyecare

What Are The Toughest Spectacle Frames?

What makes some eyeglass frames stronger and more durable than others?

Birthday in Closedown

Cassidy Eyecare: 10 years old April 2020

OCT Imaging Now In Te Atatu AND New Lynn

This amazing diagnostic technology is available in both our offices

Book An Eye Exam Online!

Book an appointment with us right from our website!

What's Going On At Bella Vista?

Life inside Te Atatu's wrapped multi-storey building

Photochromic Spectacle Lenses: The Pros & Cons

An overview of the many advantages, and the few disadvantages, of having light-sensitive lenses in your glasses.

Recycling Contact Lenses

How to responsibly dispose of your used contact lenses.

Glass or Plastic Lenses?

Which material is better for spectacle lenses - glass or plastic?

Re-Order Contact Lenses through Cassidy Eyecare Website

We have just released an additional option for re-ordering contact lenses, so you can order and pay at any time of day. This article explains how to do this through the Cassidy Eyecare website.

Myopia Control

Current options available to slow down increasing short-sightedness

A Short History of Spectacles

A few highlights in the development of glasses from the 13th century to today

Prescription Safety Glasses - Not Just for at Work

Try using safety glasses with prescription as a knock-about pair around the house

In Praise of Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Daily disposable contact lenses - a safe & convenient way to wear contacts

Dealing with Allergy Eyes

Spring is a time when hayfever and allergies can be a serious annoyance. This article has some information on what's happening to cause the itch, and what you can do about it.

Night Driving & Vision

4 ideas on how to maximise your vision for night driving

EyeZen Lenses for Digital Devices

EyeZen Lenses are a new range of spectacle lenses, designed to keep our eyes relaxed and protected while using digital devices.

Southern Cross Easyclaim

Cassidy Eyecare is now able to process your Southern Cross claim at our front desk - no need to send a claim in!

Unequal Pupils and David Bowie

A few brief notes on the condition that made David Bowie's eyes so distinctive

UV Protection for your Eyes in a Clear Lens

Protecting your eyes from Harmful UV Radiation with Crizal UV lenses

Progressive Lenses: Benefits & Limitations

Why good progressives are great at most things, but perfect at nothing.

Ray Ban Sunglasses & Optical Frames now in Stock!

Ray Ban sunglasses and optical frames are now available at Cassidy Eyecare

Glaucoma Treatment at Cassidy Eyecare

Prescriptions for glaucoma eye drops now available from Cassidy Eyecare

OCT Retinal Imaging now at Cassidy Eyecare

A new Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) has been added to our range of diagnostic instruments.

What is Glaucoma?

A quick overview of the common eye disease Glaucoma.

1 yr Anti-Scratch Warranty now included on Crizal Forte Lenses at Cassidy Eyecare

A new anti-scratch warranty for glasses offers peace of mind against annoying accidents.

Blue Light and Eye Health

The effects of blue and short wavelength light on vision, and a new development to combat it.

Eye Testing for Children

Recommendations on eye and vision testing for school-aged children.

Eating for Healthy Vision & Eyes

Food for eye health - can we eat our way to better vision?

How to Clean your Glasses

Tips on how to keep your spectacles clean without scratching your lenses or ruining the anti-reflective coating.

How to Choose Sunglasses for Summer

What features should you be looking for when shopping for sunglasses this summer? This article gives some tips.

Welcome to our new Website!

What's new and different in the brand-spanking improved Cassidy Eyecare website.