Prescription Safety Eyewear

Ensuring employees are safe in the workplace is essential for all employers, and prescription safety glasses are now part of the protective equipment expected to be provided.  All prescription safety eyewear must comply with AS/NZS 1337.6 to make the "Certified Safety" standard.  A few of the requirements include:

  • No glass lenses.  Safety lenses must be made of Polycarbonate, or a similarly tough plastic lens material
  • Frames must have non-removable side shields
  • Frames must be of a certain minimum size
  • Frames & Lenses must be marked with indicators to allow inspectors to verify the appliance meets the AS/NZS 1337.6 standard

At Cassidy Eyecare, we partner with leading providers of prescription safety eyewear to provide the best quality prescription safety glasses available.  We work with Bolle, PSG Group & Hoya to ensure we have a wide range of safety frames for our clients to choose from, with high-quality lens options.

Bolle Safety frames are tough, lightweight, and even reasonably stylish.  They are certainly the best safety range we have seen, and include both metal and plastic frame options.  Lenses are made of tough polycarbonate or trivex material, and are available in a range of lens options including progressives and Transitions (light-sensitive).

We understand that providing safety eyewear needs to be cost-effective, which is why we keep our pricing very competitive.  Our prescription safety glasses start from just $300 + GST including safety frames, safety lenses and Certified Safety documentation.  As an additional benefit, if your business uses us for their Safety Eyewear we also offer a 25% discount to all staff for any private purchases.

Here's what a couple of our Safety Eyewear corporate clients have to say about our service:

"Cassidy Eyecare supplied prescription safety glasses to all our workers on the Waterview Tunnel Project.  The service & quality of the safety prescription glasses supplied was excellent.  Nothing was a problem for Troy & his team, and I would recommend Cassidy Eyecare to anyone." Andy Schmidt (Tunnel Safety Manager, WATERVIEW TUNNEL PROJECT)

“Cassidy Eyecare have been great to deal with and all our employees have been impressed with the customer service and quality of the prescription safety glasses that have been issued. I would recommend Cassidy Eyecare to any employer who is looking for a professional optometrist for safety eyewear.” John Easton (HSE & Quality Manager RHEEM NZ)


We work hard to ensure you & your staff receive the best products and the best service, all at a great price.  We can't say fairer than that.