Workplace Eye Care

In addition to a general comprehensive vision exams, some people require specialised vision assessments for their workplace environment.  This may be just some general advice about good ergonomics while in front of a computer screen all day, or may be a certificate of fitness to enter a certain occupation.  At Cassidy Eyecare we are certified vision examiners for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Maritime NZ and the NZ Police.  We can also advise on comfortable computer vision, to help avoid eyestrain and tired eyes on the computer.


Occupational Eye Examinations

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Eye Exams

The CAA have strict requirements for both commercial pilots (Class 1) and private licence pilots (Class 2).  There are also standards in place for Air Traffic Controllers (Class 3).  At Cassidy Eyecare we are able to provide certification for all 3 classes, and issue the CAA Special Eye Report form.  Pilots needing a visual correction are required to have a spare pair of glasses on hand in the cockpit at all times, and polarised sunglasses are not permitted.  Please remember to bring photo ID to your examination.


Maritime NZ Eye Exams

At Cassidy Eyecare we are able to certify the most common levels of Nautical Certificate, including Inshore Launchmaster (ILM), Local Launch Operator (LLO), Certified Deckhand and Advanced Deckhand.  We are also able to certify all levels of Engineering Certificate.  Please note, we are unable to perform the Lantern Test - we just can't get hold of one.  Once again, please remember to bring photo ID to your examination with us.


NZ Police Eye Exams

Cassidy Eyecare is able to provide Level 1 NZ Police certification, which is fine for all applicants, other than those who have had refractive surgery (ie LASIK).  The Police require a certain standard of vision both with and without correction, and colour vision must be normal.     


Driver's Licence Eye Tests

Our most common vision requirement test is for driving.  It is not uncommon for people to have difficulty with the vision-testing instrument that the AA use.  A fast and inexpensive test with us before going in to renew your licence can save a lot of time and hassle.


Computer Vision & Avoiding Eyestrain

Many of us now work in an environment that puts a great deal of stress on our vision.  Prolonged close work, glare from computer screens, extended periods seated in front of a computer or using mobile devices can all result in symptoms of headache, tired eyes, or a feeling of "eyestrain".  In this sort of situation, small problems that would not be apparent in a different work environment, eg outdoors, can become an issue for office workers.  Potential causes of discomfort include:

  • Uncorrected refractive error (ie you need glasses), or incorrect glasses
  • Poor co-ordination of the eyes
  • Inappropriate design of spectacle lens or lens coating
  • Dry eyes
  • Poor ergonomic layout of the work environment
  • Back/neck problems

A thorough eye examination is a good idea to check for any eye-related issues that may be causing or contributing to the problems.  It is also worth reviewing your workspace to ensure your computer, desk and chair are positioned optimally (see below).

In general, it is always good practice to take a short (20 second) break from the computer screen every 15-20 minutes, have a stretch, and look out the window (or at least to the other side of the room).  Sometimes this alone is enough to improve symptoms of discomfort.