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Whether you're driving on Auckland roads or fishing out on the coast, proper sun protection for your eyes is a must. We only stock high quality sunglasses with lenses that will block 100% of damaging UV rays, and effectively reduce debilitating glare.  


Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban is by far the number one selling sunglass brand in the world, and with good reason.  Classic styles and good quality lenses have made them popular with sunglass wearers from pilots to pimps.  The classic Ray Ban Aviator was created in 1937 to help pilots cope with the intense blue and white hues of the sky, resulting in the famous Ray Ban G15 Green-Grey lens tint.  In 1952 Ray Ban created the Wayfarer, which has become an enduring style icon.  These classic styles are still in the Ray Ban range, along with some twists on the classics and plenty of newer shapes.  Unfortunately we are not permitted to sell Ray Ban through our website, but please call us if you have a model in mind or drop in to view the range.


Oakley Sunglasses

Oakley is probably the word's best-known brand of sports eyewear.  With an emphasis on comfortable fit and high definition optics, Oakley sunglasses are a great choice for both street wear and sports.  We are stocking a bunch of Oakley sunglasses in our New Lynn office.  As with Ray Ban, we can't offer them online, but please come in-store and try them on.


Adidas Sunglasses

Adidas develop sunglasses with sporting applications in mind.  It is important to wear equipment that fits perfectly and does not become a distraction. Adidas Eyewear has developed frame technologies which ensure that eyewear can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual, by way of features such as adjustable nose pieces and flexible side temples.  Adidas sunglasses have interchangeable lenses, often designed for specific applications such as golf or cycling.  These are the choice of active individuals who want a fashionable, high-performance & great-fitting sunglass.  You can come in and try these in-store, or buy Adidas Sunglasses online from our website shop.


Bill Bass Sunglasses

The Bill Bass range is great value at $99 to $119 including polarised lenses, and features good quality frame materials and components.  It is a big range, catering for both mens and womens styles in modern designs.  Great style, great value. 


Oroton Sunglasses

Beautifully designed and crafted, Oroton sunglasses range from the elegant to the bold.  Most of the range is created from hand-finished acetate of the highest quality, with beautiful detailing in the temples.  This is a ladies range, for women who want something a bit special.  Oroton sunglasses start from about $225. 


Fitover Sunglasses

Fitover sunglasses are specially designed to be worn over the top of regular prescription glasses.  These are a very popular and inexpensive alternative to prescription sunglasses or clip-on sunglasses.  Fitovers are 100% UV blocking, and all have polarised lenses.  We keep a wide range of these in both the New Lynn and Te Atatu practices, or you can buy fitover sunglasses online in our website store.


Prescription Sunglasses

If you've never worn prescription sunglasses, this could change your life.  Prescription sunglasses allow the clear vision of your prescription glasses but with the glare protection of a sunglass.  Because we normally glaze your prescription sunlenses into a sunglass frame, they look just like a normal pair of sunglasses.  You won't believe what this will do for your vision!

At Cassidy Eyecare we are big believers in prescription sunglasses, and ensure that most of our sunglasses are able to take prescription lenses.  Bill Bass sunglasses with tinted prescription sunglass lenses start from just $299.  Polarised and progressive lens upgrades are available.


Polarised Sunlenses

Light waves have different orientations: vertically oriented light is useful to the eye - it lets us see.  Horizontally oriented light, however, causes glare and discomfort.  Non-polarised tinted lenses simply dampen down light of all orientations.  Polarised lenses are constructed to absorb the glare-causing, horizontally oriented light that reflects off surfaces such as water, while allowing through the helpful, vertically oriented light.  If you experience glare while driving on a wet road, or while out on the water, you need polarised lenses.


Without Polarised Lenses


With Polarised Lenses  


The difference between the effectiveness of a polarised lens compared to a non-polarised lens is quite remarkable.  Come and see us in-store for a demonstration.