Eye Examinations

At Cassidy Eyecare, we go much further than a simple eye test. We provide comprehensive vision examinations including checks for binocular vision function, glaucoma, age-related maculopathy (AMD), cataracts and other ocular disease.

Our practices are well equipped with high technology gear (see below), but we think the most important tools we have are our eyes, ears and brains.  We'll listen to what you have to say, and draw on our experience to offer a solution.

We allow 45 minutes for a full eye examination.  Some of the tests you can expect include:

  • A thorough history, including discussion of your personal and family ocular history
  • Measurement of habitual vision (unaided or with current glasses)
  • Refraction and testing of your prescription at both distance & near
  • Measurement of final visual acuity
  • Checks & measurements of binocular vision function
  • Measurement of intra-ocular pressure (for Glaucoma)
  • Examination of the external eye with a slit-lamp bio-microscope
  • Examination of the internal eye with a fundus lens or ophthalmoscope
  • Digital retinal imaging of the back of the eye
  • A plain language discussion of all our findings, and a recommendation on any treatment

We may recommend additional testing, such as computerised visual field testing to assess your peripheral vision sensitivity, or OCT scanning of the optic nerves and maculae.  This comprehensive format means you can be assured that all areas of your vision will have been properly assessed, and any problems addressed.


Our Technology

Topcon Maestro OCT


Topcon Maestro OCT

Our Ocular Coherence Tomographers (OCT) are the most exciting pieces of equipment in eyecare today.  These amazing instruments use light waves to create a 3 dimensional cross-section of the retina, allowing us to view the layers of your retina in ways unimaginable just a few years ago.  These instruments have been incredibly valuable in detecting and managing glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other retinal conditions. We have OCT instruments in both New Lynn & Te Atatu.

Canon Retinal Camera


Retinal Cameras

We have retinal cameras in both our New Lynn & Te Atatu practices.  These instruments give us a clear and detailed picture of the inside of your eyes.  This gives us an additional (and sometimes better) view of your retinas, and also helps us monitor your eyes for changes over time. We find the information from our retinal cameras so useful that we take retinal photos as part of every full adult eye examination.




Both our New Lynn & Te Atatu offices are equipped with auto-refractor/keratometers.  These clever instruments measure the steepness of curvature on the surface of your corneas, which is important for accurate contact lens fitting.  They also produce a close estimate of your spectacle prescription, which is great information when examining new patients, children, or people who find choosing between 1 and 2 difficult.

Humphrey HFA 3


Zeiss HFA3 Visual Field Analyser

The Zeiss HFA3 is the gold standard instrument for monitoring visual fields.  One of its strengths is the ability to track vision loss due to glaucoma, so we can accurately assess whether vision is stable or further loss is occurring.  We have this fantastic instrument in both our West Auckland offices.     

Medmont Meridia Pro

Medmont Meridia Pro Corneal Topographer

We're excited about our new corneal topographer, used for contact lens fitting and detection of corneal disease.  With the Medmont Merida Pro we can get accurate maps of the shape of your cornea.  This is super helpful in fitting RGP contact lenses, and absolutely necessary for orthokeratology.


Other Services

In addition to general eye examinations, we are also able to offer further specialized optometry services.  Many of these are covered in greater depth elsewhere on our website.  These include:

  • Contact Lens fitting and supply
  • Vision Therapy & Behavioural Optometry
  • Assessments for Drivers Licence Vision, Maritime NZ, CAA & NZ Police

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