Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Order genuine Oakley prescription sunglasses from Cassidy Eyecare

What Are The Toughest Spectacle Frames?

What makes some eyeglass frames stronger and more durable than others?

Photochromic Spectacle Lenses: The Pros & Cons

An overview of the many advantages, and the few disadvantages, of having light-sensitive lenses in your glasses.

Glass or Plastic Lenses?

Which material is better for spectacle lenses - glass or plastic?

EyeZen Lenses for Digital Devices

EyeZen Lenses are a new range of spectacle lenses, designed to keep our eyes relaxed and protected while using digital devices.

Ray Ban Sunglasses & Optical Frames now in Stock!

Ray Ban sunglasses and optical frames are now available at Cassidy Eyecare

1 yr Anti-Scratch Warranty now included on Crizal Forte Lenses at Cassidy Eyecare

A new anti-scratch warranty for glasses offers peace of mind against annoying accidents.

How to Clean your Glasses

Tips on how to keep your spectacles clean without scratching your lenses or ruining the anti-reflective coating.