Prescription Safety Glasses - Not Just for at Work

  • 6 April 2017
  • Troy Cassidy

One of the biggest areas of growth in the NZ optical market over the past few years has been in the protective eyewear category.  It used to be that safety glasses needed to be worn over prescription glasses, however more and more people are opting for safety glasses that actually have your prescription built into the safety lens.  

These are mostly being used in hazard zones in workplaces, but are increasingly being used by people around the home.  They're a great, inexpensive way to protect your eyes and save your good glasses when mowing the lawns, chopping wood, gardening, or whatever.  

We carry full ranges of these in both New Lynn and Te Atatu, and the prices are remarkably good: $300 +GST for clear single vision glasses, and $400 +GST for clear progressives.  These prices include the safety frames, safety lenses, a case & cloth, and certified safety documentation.  Don't ruin your good glasses doing rough work!

About Troy Cassidy

Troy graduated from the University of Auckland Optometry programme in 1995, and has worked in optometry practices in NZ, Australia & the UK since then. Along with wife Stephanie, he has owned and operated Cassidy Eyecare in west Auckland since 2010.

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