Stellest Lenses For Myopia

  • 17 April 2023
  • Troy Cassidy

Myopia Control - the use of strategies to slow the worsening of short-sightedness during the pre-teen and teenage years - has been a hot topic in optometry for the past few years.  From having no effective treatments at all not very long ago, we now have good evidence to recommend MiSight soft contact lenses, atropine eye drops, and ortho-keratology.

What has been missing from the options are spectacle lenses with a proven myopia control effect.  

That has now changed with the release of the Stellest myopia control spectacle lens.  Designed by Essilor, a leading designer and manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, the Stellest lens incorporates a series of tiny lenslets in the periphery of the lens.  These send a signal to the receptors of the retina, which reduces the stimulus for the eye to continue to grow, thus slowing the progression of myopia.  Studies claim a 67% reduction in myopia progression, which is as good a reduction as contact lens options.

Released in New Zealand in October 2022, we already have a number of children wearing this lens.  We hope that our experience of it's effectiveness is as good as the studies suggest.

Watch a video on Stellest here.

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