What's Going On At Bella Vista?

  • 24 June 2019
  • Troy Cassidy

Our Te Atatu clients will have noticed that Cassidy Eyecare is now operating in a construction site.  The Bella Vista building, the 6-storey building that houses Cassidy Eyecare's Te Atatu office, is undergoing repairs to fix leaks.  As a result, we're operating out of a building covered in scaffolding and building wrap.

All the residential tenants have moved out, and won't be back until construction is complete.  All the retail tenants (Cassidy Eyecare, Jenny Craig, Chil Body & Hair, and About Face) are open and trading as normal, despite what appearances may suggest.

The work is expected to take 12 months, and involves work on the apartment balconies, windows, and cladding.  The retail spaces do not require remediation.  

We acknowledge that the building exterior is a construction site, which looks unattractive and is probably going to get a bit noisy at times. Inside, though, our premises are unaffected and are just as clean, organised and pleasant as always.

We greatly appreciate the support we've received so far from the Te Atatu community.  We recognise that our building doesn't look as inviting as usual, and we really appreciate that people are continuing to come in despite this.  

Thanks again for your support!

About Troy Cassidy

Troy graduated from the University of Auckland Optometry programme in 1995, and has worked in optometry practices in NZ, Australia & the UK since then. Along with wife Stephanie, he has owned and operated Cassidy Eyecare in west Auckland since 2010.

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