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Dry Eye Drops & Treatments

Systane Complete

Systane Complete 10ml

Systane Complete lubricant eye drops (10ml)


Systane Ultra 10ml

Systane Ultra 10ml

Systane Ultra lubricant eye drops (10ml)


Systane Unit Dose

Systane Ultra Unit Dose

Systane Ultra preservative-free lubricant eye drops (Box of 24)


Systane Ultra Preservative-Free

Systane Ultra Multidose Preservative-Free

Preservative-free Systane Ultra in a multidose bottle


Systane Hydration 10ml
Systane Lid Wipes
Theratears Drops

Theratears Eye Drops

Theratears preservative-free lubricant eye drops (Box of 24).


Theratears Gel

Theratears Eye Gel

Theratears preservative-free lubricant gel (Box of 28).


Hylo Forte 10ml

Hylo Forte 10ml

Hylo Forte preservative-free lubricant eye drops


Novatears Eye Drops

Novatears 3ml

Novatears preservative-free lubricant eye drop


VitA-POS Ointment

VitA-POS 5g

VitA-POS preservative-free lubricant ointment


Blephadex Foam

Blephadex Eyelid Cleanser

Foaming eyelid cleanser for blepharitis


Theratears Nutrition Omega 3

Theratears Nutrition

Omega 3 Supplement specifically for dry eyes (90 capsules).


Ocusoft Hypochlor

Ocusoft HypoChlor

Hypochlorous lid spray for blepharitis (59ml)


Ocusoft Oust 50ml

Ocusoft Oust Cleanser

Lid & lash cleanser, particularly good for Demodex (50ml)


Ocusoft Oust Pads

Ocusoft Oust Pads

Lid & lash cleaner on a pre-moistened pad, effective against Demodex (Box of 30)