Size: Large (139mm x 39mm)



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Please Note: There are currently supply problems with JP Fitovers. We apologise if your chosen colour/style is not immediately available.  We'll be in touch with alternative options if this is the case, and we're happy to give a full refund if there's no satisfactory alternative. 

Jonathan Paul FITOVERS EYEWEAR® are the market leader in sunglasses designed to be worn over the top of prescription glasses. We've looked at a few different ranges for our optometry practices, but the Fitovers range still stand out as the best. Well made, with decent quality polarized lenses and well-finished frames, these are a popular and affordable alternative to prescription sunglasses.

The Traveler is a new shape from Jonathan Paul, and is designed to be worn over medium-large prescription eyewear frame shapes NOT EXCEEDING 139mm wide x 39mm deep. See our other listings for alternative models if your glasses fall outside this range (ie are bigger).  Traveler is a new style from Jonathan Paul. Plenty of colour choices helps make this model a popular choice. 

Max Size: 139mm x 39 mm

Colours Available: Emerald Jade, Plum Pink, Brown Tan (with Amber Lens), Black Grey, Sapphire, Satin Black (with Blue Mirror Lens)

POLARVUE™ Polarized Lenses
Wrap around 100% UVA & UVB Protection
Hypo-allergenic CRYSTAL NYLON™ Frame
Case with cleaning cloth and cord included