Avizor EverClean Plus 90 Day Pack



Avizor Everclean Plus is a hydrogen peroxide lens cleaning system, similar to AOSept.  Hydrogen peroxide is a very effective cleaner and disinfectant, and neutralises overnight to water.  Once neutralised, the solution is preservative-free.  This reduces the risks of allergic reaction.

It differs from AOSept in that overnight neutralisation is achieved by adding a tablet to the solution, rather than a platinum disc.  In the morning, the lens solution will have turned yellow, so you know that it's safe to get in your eyes.

Everclean Plus is a very effective cleaner, suitable for both soft and hard contact lenses.  The preservative-free nature of the solution makes it particularly good for the care of ortho-k lenses.

This pack contains 2x 350ml bottles and 2 cases.

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