Recycling Contact Lenses

  • 13 September 2018
  • Troy Cassidy

Contact lens waste has been in the news lately, with reports suggesting that used contact lenses flushed down toilets are contributing to the problem of plastics in our oceans.

It's certainly better to put used contact lenses in with your regular rubbish, than to flush them down a sink or toilet.

However, we have an even better solution at Cassidy Eyecare.  For the past few months we have been able to offer Bausch & Lomb's dedicated contact lens recycling scheme.

Simply bring your contact lens waste into Cassidy Eyecare, and drop it in the big Bausch & Lomb recycling bins.  This includes contact lenses and their packaging, and all brands of contact lenses, not just B&L product.

This is an absolutely free service. Drop your lenses in at anytime during our opening hours and save a fish.

About Troy Cassidy

Troy graduated from the University of Auckland Optometry programme in 1995, and has worked in optometry practices in NZ, Australia & the UK since then. Along with wife Stephanie, he has owned and operated Cassidy Eyecare in west Auckland since 2010.

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